Rajasthan: Economics and Finance

Rajasthan Mineral Policy  2015

  • Rajasthan may put about 400 small size mining leases of minerals like granite,marble and quartz under the hammer in 2015 as it looks to expand its area under mining as well as increase revenue.
  • 9% of total mineral production in the country, is also exploring joint ventures (JV) with multi national companies (MNCs) to expand the land under mining from 0.54% to 1.5% with focus on 22 unexploited minerals.
  • “The State government is likely to put about 400 small size (4 hectare and above) mining leases of mineral Granite, Marble, Quartz and Feldspar.
  • According to Rajasthan Mineral policy 2015, to increase the number of minerals under mining from 57-79 the government has allowed several minerals, which were earlier reserved for exploitation by public sector only to be explored and mined by private firms also, like Potash and steel grade Dolomite.
  • The policy also seeks to infuse greater transparency and enhance efficiency in grant of mineral concessions by simplifying the procedure and adopting e-governance.
  • It also aims to enhance exploration of mineral wealth of with the help of in-house facilities available and outsourcing other modern techniques through private participation.

Rajasthan, Tourism  Policy 2015,

  • 5 June 2015 Rajasthan Rajasthan Tourism Unit Policy 2015 “was released.
  • the policy of the various units in the tourism sector has been broadly defined.which is – hotel , motel , heritage hotels , budgets hotels , restaurants , camping sites,mash inversion centre  ,a sports resorts ,resorts , health resorts , amugment park , rope way etc .
  • urban and rural areas, new tourism units will Nirushulk Sampriwartn land. Similarly, in urban areas, the development of new tourism units will not be charged.
  • urban and rural areas, the current heritage properties hotels Sampriwartn land is free of charge.
  • Geo-stipulated deadline for Sampriwartn and if any authority fails to decide within the prescribed time, the land will be stamped Sampriwartit Swatru the ground.
  • Heritage Hotels residential areas covered by the urban growth rate will be recovered, but the open area will be taken over by urban development.
  • For a heritage hotel BSUP Shelter Fund will be payable only on the gross built-up area.
  •  Heritage Hotels lease would be eligible for release.
  • urban and rural areas, heritage hotels breadth of the road will have no obligation.
  •  heritage hotels and Purasampttion covered area of ??1000 square meters of which 10 percent or less would be permissible Swatru retail commercial use.
  •   Building plans approved by the department concerned, the schedule will be.
  •  tourism units doubled to 2.25 to 4.50 F.a.ark Will be admissible.
  •  to train human resources for the tourism entities Rajasthan skills and livelihood skills training programs linked to employment under development corporation for training institutions would be eligible for approval.
  •  tourism unit for the lease of land allocated amount Sampriwartit and institutional purposes shall be determined based on the rate reserved.
  • Tourist luxury tour operator accredited coaches in the special road tax exemption of 50 percent by 2018, to be presented April .
  • tourism units and heritage hotels in Rajasthan Investment Promotion Scheme-2014 Overall economic benefits will be payable under.


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