Scheduled Tribe of Kerala

Scheduled Tribe of Kerala Based on 2011 Census total popultaion of India is 121 Crore out of which ST population is 10.45 Crore (8.6%). The tribal communities in India are enormously diverse and heterogeneous. There are wide ranging diversities among them in respect of languages spoken, size of population and mode of livelihood. The number of … Read more Scheduled Tribe of Kerala

Irrigation and Hydro-power of Kerala

Irrigation and Hydro-power of Kerala Irrigation: In order to overcome the challenges like water shortage, faced by the paddy growers, the authorities worked on many possibilities to irrigate a large area of the state and many projects were found for this purpose. Storage Irrigation Schemes of Kerala: Idamalayar Irrigation Scheme: The scheme envisages the utilization … Read more Irrigation and Hydro-power of Kerala

Horticulture of Kerala

Horticulture of Kerala Introduction: The  horticulture  sector  encompasses  a  wide  range  of  crops  namely  fruit  crops, vegetables crops, potato and tuber crops, ornamental crops, medicinal and aromatic  crops,  spices  and  plantation  crops.  New  introductions  like  mushroom,  bamboo  and bee  keeping  (for  improving  the  crop  productivity)  further  expanded  the  scope  of  horticulture.  While  the  first  few  … Read more Horticulture of Kerala

Fishing in Kerala

Fishing in Kerala Kerala is the only region in India where fish resources are rich and no other state possesses fish workers as intelligent and work conscious as those in Kerala Kerala is one of the leading maritime states in India. The state of Kerala situated in the south west part of peninsular India has … Read more Fishing in Kerala