29.11.18 Kerala (KPSC) Current Affairs

KERALA Munambom model to be replicated in state The fisher folk has been managing the day-to-day functioning of the Munambom fisheries harbour for the past one year. After this participatory mode of operations turned Munambom into a professional harbour, the fisheries department has issued a circular to replicate the model across the state.   The first fisherfolk-managed harbour in the state … Read more 29.11.18 Kerala (KPSC) Current Affairs

27.11.18 (RPSC) Rajasthan Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN   Rajasthan Art : Mālwa painting   Mālwa painting ,17th-century school of Rājasthanī miniature paintingcentred largely in Mālwa and Bundelkhand (in modern Madhya Pradesh state); it is sometimes referred to as Central Indian painting on the basis of its geographical distribution. The school was conservative, and little development is seen from the earliest examples, such as the Rasikapriyā (a poem analyzing … Read more 27.11.18 (RPSC) Rajasthan Current Affairs

26.11.18 Kerala (KPSC) Current Affairs

KERALA Kerala health minister opens National Cancer Grid state chapter   The state government would accord top priority to cancer prevention, screening and treatment.   The NCG is a network of major cancer centers, research institutes, patient groups and charitable institutions across India with the mandate of establishing uniform standards of patient care for prevention, diagnosis, … Read more 26.11.18 Kerala (KPSC) Current Affairs