Worker, Peasant and tribal Movement in Kerala

Worker, Peasant and tribal Movement in Kerala:- Worker and Peasant movement:- Peasants and workers also formed their organizations. They agitated for reforms.By 1930s a strong leftist movement emerged in Kerala. Socialism and Communism influenced many leaders and the Kerala Provincial Congress Committee was dominated by leftists were under the leadership of EM.S. Nambuthiripad and P.S. … Read more Worker, Peasant and tribal Movement in Kerala

History of Kerala

History of Kerala:-   Salient Highlights:- The history of Kerala, is as interesting and striking as its varied geographical features that adds an awe-inspiring beauty and thus this place becomes a land of versatile appeal. Kerala is the melting pot of many cultures and civilizations – native as well as foreign and hence consists of a … Read more History of Kerala

Handicrafts of Kerala

Handicrafts of Kerala:- The God’s own country Kerala is also renowned for its rich tradition in handicrafts which is part of its cultural legacy. Its unique arts and crafts are irresistible for any shopaholic. These crafts reflect the extraordinary skills of its master craftsmen. The artisans of Kerala trace their lineage to Vishwakarma – the … Read more Handicrafts of Kerala


FREEDOM MOVEMENT IN KERALA:- Kerala has the unique distinction of being a region where patriotic Indians revolted against the British rulers even before the first freedom struggle of 1857, which was labelled by the British as ‘Sepoy Mutiny’. In the three zones of Kerala, namely, Malabar, Cochin and Travancore, there were uprisings against the British … Read more FREEDOM MOVEMENT IN KERALA

Folk Dances of Kerala

Folk Dances of Kerala:- Dance and art forms are integral parts of a region’s culture. ‘God’s Own Country’ Kerala boasts of its several forms of dances and art. Some of the folk dances which are native to the state have gained popularity. They are performed during temple festivals and other ceremonious occasions. These folk dances … Read more Folk Dances of Kerala

British Rule in Kerala

British Rule in Kerala:- Like any other Europeans, British also had great interest in Kerala. They too were attracted by the spices and other natural treasures of the land. British supremacy in Kerala started by the mid seventeenth century and lasted for the next 200 years until independence. Though a number of wars and revolts … Read more British Rule in Kerala