Geography of Kerala

Detailed Notes for Kerala Geography

Specifically designed Notes for Kerala Geography can be Bought at minimum price in PDF or Printed format

Geography of Kerala plays a crucial role in not only Kerala PSC Prelims Exam but even KPSC Mains Exam. Kerala Geography Notes are designed by KPSC Toppers and other civil servants. Detail Notes can be browsed at the following links.

Physical Geography of Kerala
  • Kerala :Geographical location,
  • Kerala :Relief and Structure,
  • Kerala :Climate,
  • Kerala : Soils,
  • Kerala :Vegetation,
  • Kerala :Wild life and Ecotourism,
  • Kerala :Minerals,
  • Kerala :Natural hazards and other related
  • Kerala : Rivers
Agriculture and alied sectors of Kerala
Human Geography of Kerala
Economic Geography of Kerala
  • Kerala :Major Cities and Tourist Places,
  • Kerala :Transport Network,
  • Kerala :Power Resource
  • Kerala :Industrial development,
  • Kerala :Minerals,

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