29.06.22 KPSC Daily Current Affairs

KERALA 837 ration licensees willing to establish K-Stores: Anil   Food and Civil Supplies Minister G.R. Anil has said that 837 licensees have evinced interest in partnering with the government to establish Kerala Stores (or K-Stores). The government intended to launch at least five such multi-service centres in each district in the initial phase of … Read more

26.06.22 KPSC Daily Current Affairs

KERALA Kerala Migration Survey   Chief Minister of Kerala, PinarayiVijayan, has announced to conduct “Kerala Migration Survey 2022-23”, in order to prepare a data bank on Malayali expatriates across the world.   Data bank will be prepared, because lack of data affected the government’s welfare measures for expatriates. As a part of the survey, a … Read more

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